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About Our Founder & Chief Coach, Rezal


Our founder and chief coach, Rezal, started out his career as a Geography teacher in MOE. His role as the Head of Department of Character Development and Student Leadership helped him to understand various Character Development framework and models that helped him create Happy Cycle’s own model of Challenge Based Development (CBD). In 2009, he received the Outstanding Youth in Education Award from MOE and the National Youth Council, largely due to his contribution in the areas of character development, community service and sports.

Growing up, Rezal has been actively involved in a wide range of competitive sports including floorball, ultimate frisbee, softball and hockey. In 2006, he introduced the game of Tchoukball in Singapore and formed the Tchoukball Association of Singapore acting as the Association’s President. He was the Women’s National Team Head Coach until 2018, bringing the women’s team ranking to 2nd in the world.

Rezal has also been active in community service, as a teacher developing programmes for his students as well as in grassroots. He introduced many innovative programmes as the Chairman of the then Tampines East Youth Executive Committee. He was conferred the Pingat Bakti Masyarakat (Public Service Medal) for his contributions and efforts.


Happy Cycle Journey

Rezal developed his passion for cycling and bicycles very early on as a hobby. He even took up a Professional Bike Mechanic certification in order to learn more about bicycles. He began teaching cycling with his own 2 kids. His older son was able to cycle on 2 wheels unassisted at 2 years 10 months while his younger daughter managed to do it at 2 years 7 months. Seeing that his children was able to cycle at a young age, many of his friends and colleagues asked for his help to teach their children. Several adults also came forward to get his help to teach them cycling.

Along the way, he also started a skateboard company called 1965 Skateboards. He organised several free skateboard clinics for kids and adults who are looking to try out skateboarding, making it easier for them to pick it up eventually.

Affirmed by his successes, Rezal decided to start Happy Cycle. He put together all his previous experiences – educator, character development, community service, sports and coaching – and built up a company that will focuses on positive learning experiences.

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