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Ms YiHui

Parents of 8 year old boy

"My 8 year old boy has benefitted from Coach Rezal's effective bicycle coaching techniques. Rezal's coaching methodology was systematic and efficient, with clear instructions that was easy to follow. HIs step-by-step approach, coupled with his patience and encouraging coaching style made the sessions very enjoyable for my boy. 

I could see him gaining confidence as he managed to conquer his fear and overcome each stage of challenges presented to him. Within the first 45 minutes, he was already balancing and cycling on his own!

If you are looking for cycling lessons that are effective fun and helps to build your child's strength in character through the process, I will strongly recommend Happy Cycle!

Trevor Kia, Cafe Owner

Valerie Kia, HR Executive

"I am someone who has not been able to cycle for 33 years due to my fear of falling since young. Within 1 lesson, from being unable to balance on a bicycle, I'm able to cycle (although unstable) independently for a few rounds.

Coach Rezal's systematic approach allows your body to slowly adjust and find your balance. Step by step, Rezal’s coaching made the lesson engaging and fun. I highly recommend coaching from Rezal."

Ms Si En

Parent of 6-year old twins

" I was introduced to Happy Cycle through my sibling. Initially I was really worried about falling and thought that it would be hard to pick up cycling.

However, the lesson turned out to be really fun and enjoyable. Coach Rezal supports right by you and he patiently goes through the steps  depending on your progress. Will definitely recommend Happy Cycle to others!"

Mr Ong

Parent of 13 year old girl

"We are so happy that our twins learnt cycling in one sesion! All thanks to patience and guidance in the coaching by Rezal! Being experienced in noticing their learning gaps and using a customised approach helps my twins to learn fast!

My twins were hesitant at first but the challenge based development method encourages them to be more willing to try and they are more confident in wanting to succeed!

The location is big and convenient and I would definitely recommend my friends to register their kids if they want to learn!"

" I would highly recommend Coach Rezal to parents who want their kids to learn life skills such as cycling in a safe and fun manner.  My girl was initially not enjoying cycling as she was fearful of falling due to her lacking in proper technique (skills) in defensive riding. 


After a session with Rezal, she is looking forward to cycling regularly.  If I could turn back the clock, I would send my girl to Rezal's class instead of me figuring out so hard on how to teach cycling to a kid. Kudos to coach Rezal"

Karen Tao, Teacher

Mr Eugene and Ms Yen Hui

Parents of Gareth and Garrick

"No one would ever imagined me cycling on a 2 wheeled bicycle.

Being someone who has been very bad at balancing and sports since young, I have always been reluctant to learn cycling since young  Rezal is a friend and I have always admired how he teaches his kids to cycle, blade and skateboard, why not give it a try?

Even though at the back of my mind, I knew it would be another failed attempt! Bu t I was wrong.

Rezal is very good at teaching cycling as he knows exactly what your problems are. He was also very clear in his instructions. During the first session, Rezal corrected my posture and guided me to practice "straddling". I was able to balance on the bike for 3-4 seconds with my feet in the air.. This was already a big achievement for me!

During the second session (actually I could've accomplished this during the first session if I had not left early), I practiced "straddling" again and I could feel that I am much more comfortable on the bike than the first time. Rezal then told me to try putting my feet on the pedals. That was quite difficult for me as I was afraid to fall. 

But with Rezals patience and motivation, I finally did my first pedaling on the bike! It was a life-changing moment! All the fear that I used to have suddenly disappeared!

Most importantly I found so much joy in the whole experience!

“ Our two boys (7 and 9 years old) attended two cycling lessons from coach Rezal. We are very impressed that both boys were able to balance and pedal on the bike in just one lesson! With such amazing results, we invited our nephew to join our boys during their second lesson. As expected, our nephew also mastered the basic cycling skills such as balancing, pedaling, braking and turning in just one lesson!


Coach Rezal is patient with kids and he is able to build trust and rapport with my boys with his constant words of encouragement and affirmation. During the lesson, Coach Rezal set realistic goals/challenges for the boys to achieve, such as asking the boys to balance on the bike for 10 seconds and gradually increasing the time as the boys got better with the task.


This challenge-based development approach not only builds the boys' confidence but also teaches them to persevere and to keep on trying in order to complete the challenge. Whenever the boys complete the challenge, Coach Rezal will always give

them a Hi-5 and they will beam with pride!


We would highly recommend Coach Rezal from Happy Cycle if you would like your child to have a holistic cycling learning experience. Not just learning how to cycle, but also developing confidence and perseverance in the child!"

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