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An opportunity to play often gets a child excited and interested. Then you don’t have to teach, but offer them challenges to overcome, from something they are already interested in.



"My twins were hesitant at first but the challenge based development method encourages them to be more willing to try and they are more confident in wanting to succeed"

Ms Si En

Parent of 6 year old twins

"My girl was initially not enjoying cycling, as she was fearful of falling due to her lacking in proper technique (skill) in defensive riding.

After a lesson with Rezal, she looks forward to cycling regularly"

Mr Ong

Parent of a 13 year old girl

"Coach Rezal is patient with the kids and he is able to build trust and rapport with my boys with his constant words of encouragement and affirmation."

Mr Eugene & Ms Yen Hui

Parents of 2 boys aged 6 & 9

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